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... Menu while in FAX mode. ... Press the < FAX > button. At the FAX menu, press ... FAX Settings FAX : The machine ... and receive the fax automatically. ... : Specify the FAX pattern in the DRPD:Set FAX ring pat. ... to receive only faxes automatically with your ... telephone line for FAX use only. FAX : The telephone ... ... automatically receive the fax . FAX priority mode When ... telephone line for faxes and voice calls ... want to receive faxes automatically: FAX : The machine ... will receive the fax automatically.
CMS-XML PC Faxing from a Mac (imageCLASS Fax driver)
This article explains the basic procedure for displaying the settings screen of the driver and sending a fax from an application.
CMS-XML Attaching a Cover Sheet (Mac Fax Driver)
[Signature] 8. Click [OK]. 9. Continue making the additional fax settings, then click [Print] to send the fax .
CMS-XML MP530 firmware v.1.08 upgrade procedure on Mac OS X
Upgrade the machine's firmware if the display freezes and shows [Memory in use: 10%] while attempting to send a group fax or sequential broadcast; or, an error occurs when sending a fax to a certain competitor's machine and the phone line conditions are poor.
CMS-XML System Requirements (MF7400 series)
System Requirements This section describes the system environments with which the machine is compatible. Printing or Sending a Fax from a Computer The following system environments are compatible when printing or sending a fax from a computer: OS
CMS-XML System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems Send Faxes : Supported : Not supported
CMS-XML Get Ink Status / Replace ink tank(s) MX7600
An Error Message Is Displayed on the LCD The recipient's fax machine is not color-compatible. Press the Black
CMS-XML Faxing a Document from a MAC (SOHO)
Faxing a Document from a MAC
CMS-XML MF Scan Utility instructional videos
This article is a collection of Youtube videos that provide assistance while using the MF Scan Utility.
CMS-XML Scan Quick Tips - MG4120
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