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CMS-XML Create and Print Greeting Cards - Easy-PhotoPrint Editor
Create and Print Greeting Cards 2 Choose template and paper size, and then select photo( s ). STEP
CMS-XML No Bordered Photo Layouts available in Easy-PhotoPrint Editor - Mac
Photo Layouts s selected instead of 5 x 7 Borderless ​Printer Support Home
CMS-XML Printing Disc Labels (CD/DVD/BD) with Easy-PhotoPrint Editor on macOS / Windows
Printing Disc Labels (CD/DVD/BD) The view switches to the Select the photo( s ) you want to use for disc label (CD/DVD/BD). Item edit screen
CMS-XML IJ Scan Utility Lite - Settings (General Settings) Dialog
with which you want to scan from the printer ' s operation panel , add it in the Scan-from-Operation-Panel Settings