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CMS-XML Uninstalling / reinstalling the MP480 drivers (Mac OS X)
If the MP Navigator or the MP drivers are no longer required, or if they are not installed correctly, uninstall them. the drivers if error messages occur or if the device does not operate correctly.
CMS-XML System Requirements ( MP480 )
CMS-XML Use Borderless Printing (Mac OS X) MP480
CMS-XML Set the Ink Intensity / Color Balance (Mac OS X) MP480
CMS-XML Change Print Quality on Mac OS X - MP480 / MP620 / MP620B
CMS-XML Compatible operating systems - MP480
Compatible operating systems for use with MP480
CMS-XML Printing from the Computer - MP480
CMS-XML Setting scan methods for use with the Operation Panel buttons MP480
CMS-XML To use the product you are using in the Mac OS X v10.6 environment_8200653100EN
MP130, MP140, MP150, MP160, MP170, MP180, MP190, MP210, MP240, MP450, MP460, MP470, MP480 , MP510, MP520, MP950
CMS-XML Setting up the printer and computer for printing via Bluetooth - Macintosh - MP480
Preparation If a printing error occurs while printing is in progress, the operation to dismiss the error will not take effect. In this case, turn off the printer and turn it back on again.