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CMS-XML Checking Printer Information - MG7720
http://XXX.XX. X .XXX For "XXX.XX. X .XXX", enter the IP address that you checked in the "IP Address" column on the network setting information sheet. ... This function displays printer information such as the remaining ink amount, the status, and detailed error information.
CMS-XML Printing PDF Files (imageCLASS Android App LBP6770/LBP670/LBP7660/LBP7780 only)
If an error occurs when printing a PDF for which a password has been set, an error message is not displayed in the Android terminal. An error message is displayed on the control panel of the printer.
CMS-XML Information on Message in Print
Supported Sizes for Envelope Printing Letter 8.5"" x11 " A4
CMS-XML How to remove the printer from the Canon PRINT app - Android
plus) icon Tap the " X " of the printer you want to delete from the application
CMS-XML Add Another Printer to the Printer List in Canon PRINT (Android)
if you want to , or tap the X at the upper right.
CMS-XML Information on the Canon Creative Park app - Android
, or you can tap the X at the upper right corner of the information shown. You will then be prompted to sign in with your Canon ID if you want to edit or print any items shown in the app. Tap Sign in or Sign in later
CMS-XML FAQs for Nail Sticker Creator for Canon App
1001 error (No multi-purpose tray error) occurs.
CMS-XML Setting up a Printer for Direct Connect / Access Point Mode with Canon PRINT (Android)
to start using the application*** or tap the X to exit.
CMS-XML Set Up a PIXMA or MAXIFY Printer on a Wi-Fi Network From an Android App
Instructions to start using the application or tap the X to exit. Print a photo
CMS-XML How to print using the mobile terminal such as a smartphone in a wireless LAN
The screen appears when an error occurs. Check the access point setting, the configure WPS setting again.
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