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CMS-XML Using the Remote Live View Function in EOS Utility 3.x to Shoot Still Photos and Movies Remotely
Movie files having a check mark removed from its file name are not downloaded. When downloading movie files to your computer afterwards from the camera’ s memory card, use the method described in the Software Instruction Manuals.
CMS-XML Correcting lens aberrations (image distortion or color blurring) with Digital Photo Professional Ver. 4.x
When correcting RAW images and if shooting distance information has been saved to the image, the slider is set automatically according to this shooting distance information. However, if no shooting distance information is saved to the image, the slider is set automatically to the right end at infinity position and a [<!>] appears above the slider. If the image’ s shooting distance is not infinite, you can minutely adjust the distance by operating the slider while looking at the screen.
CMS-XML Inkjet Printer and Scanner Models Compatible with Windows 10 S
... with Windows 10 S . ... your Windows 10 S device to the ... FAX ... If you want to use your product via USB with a Windows 10 S device, simply plug your device into an available USB port. ... If your product issue was not resolved after following the steps above, or if you require additional help , please create or log in to your Canon Account to see your technical support options. Or if you still need help , visit our Canon Community by clicking the button below to get answers:
CMS-XML Using the Remote Live View Function in EOS Utility to Shoot Still Photos and Movies Remotely (EOS 5DS / EOS 5DS R)
This page describes how to shoot still photos and movies remotely using the Remote Live View function in default settings. For details on how to change settings to enable Remote Live View shooting, please refer to the camera’ s instruction manuals (included on the CD-ROM). Preparing for Live View Shooting
CMS-XML Browser Remote: Controlling the Camcorder from the Web Browser of a Network Device and Recording (XC10)
The instructions here assume you already have a correctly configured and working network, network device( s ) and/or Wi-Fi access point. If necessary, refer to the documentation provided with the network devices you want to use.
CMS-XML Using the Remote Live View Function in EOS Utility Ver.3.x to Shoot Still Photos and Movies Remotely (EOS 5D Mark IV)
3. Once EOS Utility Ver.3.x starts, click [Remote Shooting]. 4. Set your camera’ s Live View shooting/Movie shooting switch to < >.
CMS-XML Sending Images to Web Services (CANON iMAGE GATEWAY/SNS/Email, etc.)
... using the specialized software (Image Sync ... For more information on CANON iMAGE GATEWAY system requirements and information on countries and regions where the service is available, please refer to [ Help ] on the bottom of the CANON iMAGE GATEWAY top page. ... For further details, check the websites for each Web service you want to register. ... 6. Touch the camera’ s [
CMS-XML Add a wireless printer to Windows 10 S
Adding a wireless printer to a Windows 10 S computer In Windows 10 S , there are no drivers that need to be downloaded and installed. Instead, once the printer is connected to the wireless network, the printer can be added in a few simple steps. To see if your printer is compatible, see the .
CMS-XML RAW images cannot be opened on a computer (PowerShot G9 X / PowerShot G5 X)
Solution If RAW images captured with the camera cannot be opened on a computer, please refer to the information in the applicable section( s ) below. Installing software that supports images captured with the camera
CMS-XML When Attempting to Open Digital Photo Professional, an Error Message Appears (Screen Resolution and Enlargement Scale)
NOTE The screens displayed may differ depending on your computer’ s operating system. In case of Windows 7
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