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CMS-XML Using the Remote Live View Function in EOS Utility 3.x to Shoot Still Photos and Movies Remotely
Movie files having a check mark removed from its file name are not downloaded. When downloading movie files to your computer afterwards from the camera’ s memory card, use the method described in the Software Instruction Manuals.
CMS-XML Inkjet Printer and Scanner Models Compatible with Windows 10 S
The following Canon inkjet printer and scanner models are compatible with Windows 10 S .
CMS-XML Add a wireless printer to Windows 10 S
Adding a wireless printer to a Windows 10 S computer In Windows 10 S , there are no drivers that need to be downloaded and installed. Instead, once the printer is connected to the wireless network, the printer can be added in a few simple steps. To see if your printer is compatible, see the .
CMS-XML RAW images cannot be opened on a computer (PowerShot G9 X / PowerShot G5 X)
Solution If RAW images captured with the camera cannot be opened on a computer, please refer to the information in the applicable section( s ) below. Installing software that supports images captured with the camera
CMS-XML When Attempting to Open Digital Photo Professional, an Error Message Appears (Screen Resolution and Enlargement Scale)
NOTE The screens displayed may differ depending on your computer’ s operating system. In case of Windows 7
CMS-XML Removing the iPF670/iPF770 Series Printer Drivers (Windows 8/8.1/10)
1 From the Windows S tart
CMS-XML Create and Print Greeting Cards - Easy-PhotoPrint Editor
Create and Print Greeting Cards 2 Choose template and paper size, and then select photo( s ). STEP
CMS-XML Sending images to a computer (Wi-Fi function) (PowerShot G7 X Mark II)
Step 1: Preparing necessary items 1. Check the computer` s requirements. For the computer environments supporting Wi-Fi connection function, refer to the Related Information section at the end of the page.
CMS-XML Wireless Setup for the imageCLASS LBP214dw and LBP162dw (Windows)
Part 1: Setting Up The Printer 1. Press Up Arrow to s elect <Menu> in the Home screen and press <OK>.
CMS-XML The Camera Cannot Be Connected with a Computer / The Computer Does Not Recognize the Camera (EOS 5D Mark IV)
1. Camera's Wi-Fi is set to [Enable] If [Built-in wireless settings]' s [Wi-Fi/NFC] is set to [Enable] under [ Connecting the Camera to a Computer using a USB Cable (EOS 5D Mark IV).
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