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CMS-XML USB Setup for the imageCLASS MF735Cdw, MF733Cdw, MF731Cdw, MF642Cdw, MF634Cdw, and MF632Cdw (Windows)
This article provides instructions on how to setup your imageCLASS MF735Cdw, MF733Cdw, MF731Cdw,MF642Cdw, MF634Cdw , and MF632Cdw printers with a USB connection
CMS-XML MF Scan Utility instructional videos
Scan from Display Panel on imageCLASS Printer w/ 5 inch touch screen Models covered: MF632Cw, MF634Cdw , MF731Cdw, MF733Cdw, MF735Cdw, MF641Cw, MF642Cdw, MF644Cdw, MF741Cdw, MF743Cdw, MF745Cdw, MF746Cdw, MF424dw, MF426dw, MF429dw, MF525dw, MF543dw, MF445dw, MF448dw, MF449dw, D1620, D1650.
CMS-XML Preparing to Use the Machine as a Scanner on Windows via a network
For more information, see the manuals for the relevant drivers on the online manual web site. In Windows, when connecting this machine to a computer via a wireless or wired LAN, you need to register this machine in "MF Network Scanner Selector" using the following procedure. This procedure is not required if the machine and your computer are connected via USB.
CMS-XML Service Notice: Windows 10 Scanning for imageCLASS
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