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CMS-XML Activating the Optional Cassette AF-1 in Windows (MF730 series)
If the AF - 1 Optional Cassette is installed under the printer prior to driver installation it should automatically detect the Cassette Unit. If the Cassette Unit is added later or the installation fails to detect, follow these instructions to activate it in the driver.
CMS-XML Printing onto custom paper sizes from Windows
If you always load the same paper in the multi-purpose tray , you can skip the paper setting operations by registering the paper size and type as the default setting. When the default setting is registered, however, the screen shown above is not displayed.
CMS-XML Wireless Setup for the imageCLASS D1620 and D1650 (Contains Video) (Windows)
Part 1 : Canon imageCLASS Wireless Help Video for a Windows Computer ... 1 . ... Select the router whose SSID matches the one that you have written down, and press <Next> (OK). ... Once your printer has been setup follow the instructions below for downloading and installing your printer, scanner, and fax driver depending on which model you have. ... 1 . Visit ... 16. Confirm the fax name and click [Next]. ... Congratulations, your drivers are installed and you should be able to print, fax , and scan wirelessly now depending on your model.
CMS-XML Printing Images (Digital Photo Professional Ver.4.x)
You can select from three printing methods. Printing one image on one sheet of paper 1. Start Digital Photo Professional and choose the desired image.
CMS-XML Adjusting the Toner Save Setting for Copy and Fax (MF200 Series)
1 . Press <Menu> 2. Press <Adjustment/Maintenance> 3. Press <Toner Save>
CMS-XML Printing onto Custom Size Paper (updated for Windows 8 and 10)
1 . Click [ NOTE
CMS-XML Switching 1-Sided and 2-Sided Printing (MF229dw/MF227dw) (Windows)
2-sided printing may not be available with some sizes and types of paper . [Basic Settings] tab Select [1-sided Printing] or [2-sided Printing] in [1-sided/2-sided/Booklet Printing]
CMS-XML MF Scan Utility instructional videos
This article is a collection of Youtube videos that provide assistance while using the MF Scan Utility.
CMS-XML Using the Provided Software
Solution Software is available to help you use the images you shoot with your camera.
CMS-XML "Another computer is using this printer" appears when attempting to print
Resetting the print spooler may help to resolve this problem.
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