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CMS-XML Delete and rebuild the ZoomBrowser EX 3.x database
Creating a new database Typically, the first time ZoomBrowser is opened after deleting the corrupt database, an error message will display. When this occurs, click [OK].
CMS-XML Sending images by email with ZoomBrowser EX 6.x
If an error message appears and you cannot send images using the procedures above, please try the following things to fix the problem.
CMS-XML Responding to Error Messages
CMS-XML Error: Bidirectional Support is Required for Your Printer – Windows
Enable bidirectional support On your keyboard, hold the windows key and press X Click Control P
CMS-XML How to burn a CD to backup images using ZoomBrowser EX ver. 5.x
Additional Information Choosing a lower speed may increase backup time but will reduce the chance of errors .
CMS-XML Troubleshooting Error Messages
CMS-XML BJC-4000 Error Codes - Beeping Flashing Lights
CMS-XML BJC-4100 Error Codes - Beeping Flashing Lights
CMS-XML Error Codes - Beeping Flashing Lights BJC-610 / BJC-620
CMS-XML When clicking the [Add] button, an error message may be displayed.
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