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CMS-XML Compatible operating systems for use with Canon digital video cameras
Many of the less common operating systems such as the various distributions of Linux as well as operating systems like UNIX , FreeBSD, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP 64, and BeOS directly support communication via the PTP (Picture Transfer Protocol). Many Canon digital video cameras support PTP for still image files via USB and will allow direct communication using applications built into the operating system.
CMS-XML Compatible operating systems - BJC-Printers
Incompatible Operating Systems Mac OS X Linux UNIX
CMS-XML Compatible operating systems - BJC Printer
Compatible Operating Systems BeOS Linux UNIX
CMS-XML Rendering Subsystems may be causing a 'Windows was unable to print the test page' error
Rendering Subsystems may be causing a 'Windows was unable to print the test page' error 2) If, while implementing the above step, an error message appears stating that the above changes cannot be saved, close the win.ini anyway, open Windows Explorer, find the win.ini file under C:\windows, right-click on it, go to Properties, take the check mark off from the "read-only" box, click on Apply, and
CMS-XML BJC-4550 Error Codes - Beeping Flashing Lights
Error ConditionsERROR CONDITION BEEPS POWER ERROR RECOVERABLE BY USER Paper pick-up error 1 ... 0 Paper jam error 2 ... 0 BJ cartridge detection* 1 ... 0 UNRECOVERABLE BY USER RAM error 1 1 1 ROM error 2 1 1 Home position error 4 1 1 Waste ink full error 5 1 1 Temperature sensor error 6 1 1 Printing position correction error 8 1 1 Cleaning error 10 1 1
CMS-XML Error Codes - Beeping Flashing Lights BJC-210 / BJC-240 / BJC-250
Error Conditions RAM error 1 BLINKING BLINKING ROM error 2 BLINKING BLINKING Home position error 4 BLINKING BLINKING Waste ink full error 5 BLINKING BLINKING Temperature sensor error 6 BLINKING BLINKING Printing position correction error 8 BLINKING BLINKING Cleaning error 10 BLINKING BLINKING
CMS-XML Resolve Beeps or Error Codes on a BJC-7000 or BJC-8000 Printer
The printer beeps and the error light is orange Tap Resume to skip the error so you can continue printing .
CMS-XML Use Photo Optimizer PRO (Windows)
Use Photo Optimizer PRO (Windows) ... The Photo Optimizer PRO function is designed ... dark or too bright . ... the Photo Optimizer PRO function will not ... available if Background Printing has been disabled ... ... confirm whether background printing is in progress ... ... The Photo Optimizer PRO function works by ... The Photo Optimizer PRO function may not be as effective for some image resolutions and when used with certain software applications. ... Access the printing preferences by opening the printer Properties / Preferences. ... Optimizer Pro ... Photo Optimizer PRO does not function when: ... Depending on images, the Photo Optimizer PRO may have no discernible effect.
CMS-XML Delete Print Jobs From the Queue - Windows XP or 2000
Learn how to delete print jobs from the print queue to resolve printer errors in Windows XP and Windows 2000.
CMS-XML Unable to print from a Windows computer (imageCLASS/Faxphone)
confirm RPC is running. If an error appears while starting the Print Spooler Confirm the printer is online.
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