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CMS-XML Purchasing supplies and accessories.
Where Can I Purchase Supplies and Accessories? The Canon eStore is an easy way to buy Bubble Jet printers, scanners , multifunction printers and facsimile machines , as well as supplies and accessories (like ink and paper) for these products. The eStore Web site can be found at:
CMS-XML Verify connections and IS Scan installation
One or more of the following should resolve the issue you are experiencing: Test the IS Scanner Cartridge after installing the latest IS Scan driver. If the IS Scanner Cartridge scans, there is no need to make any additional changes. Make sure you have the IS Scanner Cartridge installed properly in the printer before starting IS Scan. ... You may need to contact your computer manufacturer's technical support for assistance .
CMS-XML Some Printing Options in My Image Garden are Missing (Mac)
... Click Printers & Scanners ... you require additional help , please create ... Or if you still need help , visit our Canon Community by clicking the button below to get answers: _____________________________________________________________________ ...
CMS-XML Network scanning is not supported
Can I use the scanner through the network? Canon's flatbed scanners are not operational through the network such as LAN. Neither is any one of them able to be shared between more than one PC.
CMS-XML Features of unit
Fax Features For easier faxing, the machine provides One-Touch Speed Dialing, Coded-Speed Dialing, and Group Dialing methods for automatic dialing. It also allows you to broadcast or send a fax at a present time to as many as 142 locations.
CMS-XML Sending faxes using Sequential Broadcasting
CMS-XML Sending a fax using Coded Speed Dial
CMS-XML Enter outside dialing prefix before the fax number
Enter outside dialing prefix before the fax number .
CMS-XML Resend the document to a G3 fax machine
Check with the other party and send the document to a G3 fax machine . If the other party does not have a G3 fax machine, try sending the document using a transmission mode the other party's fax machine supports.
CMS-XML Connect the answering machine to the fax machine L170
Connect the answering machine to the extension port on the fax machine .
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