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CMS-XML Manually set color matching for the scanner driver.
Start PosterArtist. From the menu, choose [Insert], [Add/Replace Image ], and the applicable scanner .
CMS-XML Converting RAW images using ZoomBrowser EX ver. 5.x
Edit Menu - In RAW Image Task, you can change specific colors in an image to your preferred color combination. The function that sets and saves a selected color to a preferred color combination is called My Color.You can apply My Color to only RAW images taken with a PowerShot camera. Take note that you cannot apply My Color to RAW images taken with an EOS Digital camera.
CMS-XML Editing images in ZoomBrowser EX ver. 6.x
Editing images in ZoomBrowser EX ver. 6.x Color/Brightness Adjustment This option allows you to adjust Color , RGB, Levels and Tone Curve to correct color and tone of the image in addition to contrast, saturation, hue etc. Sharpness Adjustment
CMS-XML Specifications for the ZR100
System Video Recording System 2 rotary heads, helical scanning DV system (consumer digital VCR SD system), digital component recording Audio Recording System PCM digital sound: 16 bit (48 kHz/2 ch); 12 bit ( 32 kHz/4 ch) Television System EIA standard (525 lines, 60 fields) NTSC color signal Image Sensor 1/6-inch CCD, approx. 680,000 pixels
CMS-XML Capture and print images from a video using My Image Garden - Windows
Good to know Video color tones changed via the settings of the graphic driver (video card) or its utility are not reflected in captured still images. Therefore, color tones may differ between videos and captured still images .
CMS-XML Save a Snapshot of the Displayed Image
Select this check box if you want to add the time and date to the lower right side of the saved still image. (You cannot specify the position, font, size or color .)
CMS-XML Supported image formats: Easy-PhotoPrint, Image Browser, ZoomBrowser and PhotoRecord
Untitled Document Note: CMYK color files are not
CMS-XML Extracting Text from Images (OCR Function) (Windows)
Documents with narrow line spacing Documents with colors in the background of text Documents containing multiple languages
CMS-XML Printing an image using ZoomBrowser 5.x (One Photo per Page Print)
Printing an Image Using ZoomBrowser 5.5 (One Photo per Page Print) The information displays in the lower right corner of the image. By default, the text color is red, but you can change this by clicking the colored box.
CMS-XML Printing an image using ZoomBrowser 5.x / PhotoRecord 2.x
Printing an Image Using ZoomBrowser 5.x / PhotoRecord 2.x - To add new text, click the target page and input the text. - You can also adjust the font, font size, justification and color as desired. Change the size and rotation angle of the image, text or clip art as desired.
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