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CMS-XML 420EX Speedlite: Here is a basic wireless flash setup.
Sample Wireless Flash System You can easily set up an E-TTL autoflash system with the 550EX, ST-E2 or MR-14EX as the sender unit and the 420EX as the receiver unit. Just set the 420EX's wireless selector to <receiver> and position the receiver unit( s ) as desired within the wireless transmission range
Unable to Update Driver, Driver is Currently Being Used. Windows uses the file( s ) CTL3 D .DLL and/or CTL3DV2.DLL These files are located in the Windows/System directory. During Driver installation, the BJC-210 is trying to load this file(s) therefore causing this error.
CMS-XML Uninstall / reinstall the printer driver (Windows) S and i-Series Printers
Instructions to install the printer driver for the using the prepackaged CD (Windows) Confirm that printer and computer are connected, and turn the printer on. Note: To display the explanation about the printer port, click ' Help '.
CMS-XML Easy-PhotoPrint version 3.3 supported models
Single Function Printers BJC-55/ BJC-3000/ BJC-6000/ BJC-8200 (BCI-6 ink)/ S200/ S300/ S330/ S400/ S450/ S500/ S520/ S530 D / S600/ S630/ S 6300/ S750/ S800/ S820/ S820 D / S830 D / S900
CMS-XML EOS Rebel S : How to set exposure compensation
CMS-XML EOS Rebel S : Here is a list of the Parts and controls - nomenclature
CMS-XML EOS Rebel II / S II : How to set long (bulb) exposures.
CMS-XML EOS Rebel II / S II : Here is a list of the Parts and controls - nomenclature
CMS-XML Replacing the cartridge on L170
Replacing the Cartridge The machine uses a Canon S 35 cartridge.
CMS-XML Installing the toner cartridge L170
Installing the toner cartridge The machine uses a Canon S 35 Cartridge. When the message [REPLACE CARTRIDGE] appears, the toner in the cartridge may simply be unevenly distributed. Before replacing the cartridge, redistribute the toner.
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