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CMS-XML Easy-PhotoPrint version 3.3 supported models
Single Function Printers BJC-55/ BJC-3000/ BJC-6000/ BJC-8200 (BCI-6 ink)/ S200/ S300/ S330/ S400/ S450/ S500/ S520/ S530D/ S600/ S630/ S 6300/ S750/ S800/ S820/ S820D/ S830D/ S900
CMS-XML Using the Trimming feature Easy-PhotoPrint v2.x
How to use trimming with Easy-PhotoPrint v2.x By trimming an image taken by a digital camera to highlight the subject, such as persons or buildings, image( s ) with a clear theme can be set. 1. Select the image(s), and click the '3. layout/Print' tab 2. In the Layout/Print
CMS-XML Select a different printer in Easy-PhotoPrint
How to select a different printer in Easy-PhotoPrint Select the image( s ), and click the '2. Paper Selection' tab.
CMS-XML Setting print layout using Easy-PhotoPrint
How to set the printing layout using Easy-PhotoPrint v2.x 1. Select the image( s ), and click the '3. Layout/Print' tab.
CMS-XML Printing captured information using Easy-PhotoPrint
How to print the Captured Information using Easy-PhotoPrint v2.x 1. In the Paper Selection sheet, select the image( s ) 2. In the Paper Selection
CMS-XML Using the date feature in Easy-PhotoPrint v2.x
How to include the date when printing using Easy-PhotoPrint v2.x It is possible to print images and include the date the image was taken. 1. Select the image( s ), and click the 'Layout/Print' tab. 2. In the Layout/Print
CMS-XML Selecting a folder in Easy-PhotoPrint to display an image (Mac OS)
NOTE:The image files other than those using JPEG (an extension: .jpg, or .jpeg) or Easy-PhotoPrint (an extension: .EPP) cannot be displayed even by selecting the folder. If the image is stored in a sub-folder, click the plus symbol beside each of the folders until the source folder appears. Now, click the source folder to display the image( s ). The example of pictures in the folder on the desktop
CMS-XML Printing Photos from Social Media Services - Easy-PhotoPrint Editor
to print your image( s ). After you have finished printing, click the Back button until you return to the main screen as shown in step 2.