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CMS-XML Set printer from Offline to Online - imageCLASS printers
If the printer is set Offline, an error message will appear and the print job will not complete.
CMS-XML Receiving faxes in memory when a problem occurs L170
Receiving faxes in memory when a problem occurs The machine will automatically receive incoming faxes into its memory if it encounters a problem that prevents it from printing normally. The LCD will display [RECEIVED IN MEMORY] and a message showing the problem. See below the error messages , their cause and the action you need to take to correct the problem.
CMS-XML Energy Saver Mode
Energy Saver Mode When printing out copies, faxes or other pages - When sending or receiving faxes - While a copy job is saved in memory or when the reserve copy or other functions are operating, or when the "In Use/Memory" indicator lights up - When paper jams occur - When an error code appears and the Alarm indicator flashes - When no paper is loaded in the cassette
CMS-XML Disconnect and reconnect power cord to reset the device
If the device does not respond, or to clear an error , disconnect and then reconnect the power cord.
CMS-XML Printer Settings Menu L170
Printer Settings Menu 1.PRESET PRINT QTY Sets the standard number of pages of the printer function. 01 to 99 (01 ) 2.AUTO ERROR SKIP Sets either printing with skipping an error automatically,
CMS-XML Features of unit
Fax Features Error Correction Mode (ECM) The machine's Error Correction Mode (ECM) reduces transmission errors while communicating with another ECM-capable machine. Automatic switching between fax and voice calls
CMS-XML Unable to print from a Windows computer (imageCLASS/Faxphone)
confirm RPC is running. If an error appears while starting the Print Spooler Confirm the printer is online.
CMS-XML Start Windows Print Spooler Service (Windows 7 / Vista/XP/2000)
To resolve the error shown below , right-click Print Spooler service and then select Start.
CMS-XML Common Settings Menu L170
Common Settings Menu to 3 ERROR ONLY 1
CMS-XML Sending a fax using Coded Speed Dial
Sending a fax using Coded Speed Dial If an error occurs during sending, the machine will print an error report. If this happens, try sending the fax again.
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