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CMS-XML Windows Vista Compatibility (iPF Printers 2006-2007)
CMS-XML How to change the CT-04 Cutter Blade on a W8400.
CMS-XML Follow this procedure to switch the type of black ink.
CMS-XML How to load the license file for PosterArtist offline authentication.
CMS-XML Unable to print using Adobe Acrobat X Reader
CMS-XML In order to upgrade PosterArtist 2008 to PosterArtist 2009, you must download "PAU-Win-21010.EXE" from the Canon website and run it.
CMS-XML To enter "Download Mode" on the W8400, follow these steps.
CMS-XML Print "Help" by selecting "Print the selected topic".
CMS-XML Select "Vendor Matching" instead of "ColorSync" under [Color Matching].
CMS-XML Disable (uncheck) [Application Color Matching [Priority] under [Special Settings].
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