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PDF P20-DX Manual.pdf
he power on and off ed with an automatic at the leftm
PDF LS-122TS (USA HB) back
Power Source: Solar cell and alkaline battery (LR44 x 1) Automatic power-off: approx. 7 minutes Usable Temperature: 0 ºC to 40 ºC / (32 ºF to 104 ºF) Dimension: 149mm (L) x 106mm (W) x 24mm (H) / 5.9" (L) x 4.2" (W) x 0.9" (H) Weight : 113 g (4.0 oz) (Subject to change without notice)
PDF TS-1200_HS-20TSC (USA HB) front
Used for designating the decimal point position (4 2 1 0) for calculated results. + (Add-Mode) – Addition and subtraction functions are performed with an automatic 2-digit decimal. It is convenient for currency calculations.
-335.00 * F (Floating Decimal Point): All effective numbers up to l2 digits are displayed and printed. + (Add-Mode): Addition and subtraction are performed with an automatic 2{igit decimal.
x (Power Switch/lnterrupteur d'alimentation/ lnterruptor de Corriente : ON/OFF) Auto -Clear/Effacement automatiq ue/ Borrado autometico
PDF TX-220H (P.2) (USA)
(Note: Do not attempt to change the battery. Please have a Canon Service Center technician change the battery.) AUTOMATIC POWER-OFF FUNCTION When the power is turned “ON” and none of the keys are pressed for more than 10 minutes, the calculator turns off automatically to save power. Press ON C key to restart the calculator.
PDF Canon
=: - For desio^al no t^e dec n a, c I -: t::: c-'o':es,l ts of i6i2ii addition, subtracton, mrI o'cai c^ ard dvrsion, E: - Addition and s:rbiractron aie per:ormed t'u'ith an automatic ',6)3;; 2-digit decimal.Tne . key need not be pressed for individual entnes.
3)�Activer�l’imprimante�seulement�lorsqu’elle�contient�un�rouleau�de�papier�d’impression. 4)�Éviter�l’emploi�de�la�calculatrice�dans�une�salle�remplie�de�limaille�de�fer,� � car �l’imprimante�renferme�des�circuits�électriques�permanents. 5)�Ne�rien�placer�sur�l’appareil,�surtout�sur�la�tête�du�mécanisme�d’impression.