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X Mark -up, Mark -down Calculation ... Mark -up Mark -down ... Calculato6 purcliasd aid used in he ... For all geneFl inquiries, operalional assistance , a6e$ory orders or br the localion of the nearesl serui@ lacility lof this produd in lhe Unlted Shles, please conlad:
PDF Canon
t. = that To which the receiver is connected.� - 1 --., Consult the dealer or an experienced radiofTV t echnician for help . ... 11.32 X (-6)-s-2 = -33.96 ... 2.00 + 3. X 4. ... 11.32 X ... 0.13 X
Mark -down� � Selling�Price�$2,400� ���������������������2400� � ����������������2,400.� ... • Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help .
PDF P1211-D Manual.pdf
■. Overview/ Vue generale/Vista E:\GLISH G) Mark -Up, Mark -Down Key ......... P .
CMS-XML Glossary of Terms / Keys for Calculators
A whole number or zero. MARK UP/DOWN: Used for performing mark up {profit) and mark down calculations.
I Mark -Up, Mark -Down Key Shift Key Delta Percent Key Paper Feed Key. Equal Key ..
Tecla de llamada del total de Ia memoria X Basic Function keys Touches des quatre operations fondamentales
Canon U.S.A., Inc. � One Canon plaza, Lake Success, New York 11042-1198 Canon Canada Inc.� 6390 Dixie Road, Mississauga, Ontario L5T 1P7 *CANADA Canon Information Technology Services in the United States For all general inquiries, operational assistance , accessory orders or for the location of the nearest service facility for this product in the United States, please contact: Canon U.S.A., Inc.
PDF MP25DII Manual.pdf
:EHE6 3rr=- e .3 ooyD! _oou X € b !3€E; ;:Fg ;-
PDF P22-DH Manual.pdf
co�/:(tlonal assistance , accesaory orders or ror the location of the nearest se!Vice lacltity for w, product 1n the Canon U.S. A., Inc One Canon PiaZa Lake Success, NY 11042 Customer Relations Division 1.SOO.S28-4040 Please keep a copy ol your original bill ol sale. I n ord_er to obtain warranty HMce.
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