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CMS-XML Non - US Names for Digital Video Cameras
Non - US Names for Digital Video Cameras 300 Elura 85 MVX330i Elura 90 MVX350i FV M 200 GL1 XM1 XV1 GL2 XM2 XV2 Optura MV1 Optura 10 MVX100i Optura 100MC MVX1 PV130 Optura 20 MVX150i FV M 10 Optura 200MC MVX2i IXY DV M Optura 300 MVX10i IXY DV M 2 Optura 40 MVX25i FV M20
CMS-XML Canon VIXIA HF G50 Camcorder Introduction
Seeing is believing, and with the VIXIA HF G50 camcorder, you'll be seeing color and detail more dramatically, more intensely and more realistically. Combining amazing features like 4K with an advanced 20 x Optical Zoom lens and more - all within a mobile-friendly design - the VIXIA HF G50 can help give you stunning video quality on the go.
CMS-XML Using manual focus with the VIXIA HF M30, HF M31, HF M32, and HF M300
Manual Focus Adjustment ] button to make fine adjustments. When the [Focus Assistance ] setting is [On
CMS-XML List of Messages (VIXIA M50 / HF M52 / HF M500)
An error occurred during FTP communication File transfer was not completed - Turn off the camcorder and FTP server . After a short while, turn them on again and try to send the data again. An error occurred while communicating to the computer (Network Utility) File transfer was not completed - Cordless phones, microwave ovens, refrigerators and other appliances may interfere with the wireless signal.
CMS-XML Transferring Files to an FTP Server
CMS-XML Transferring Files to a Computer or FTP server
CMS-XML Reacquiring subjects lost during zooming (Framing Assistance)
Reacquiring subjects lost during zooming (Framing Assistance )
CMS-XML Tips to help play back high definition video smoothly
CMS-XML Transferring Recordings and Photos to an FTP Server Using a Wireless Connection (XF705)
CMS-XML Explanation of the lens adjustments to aid 3D recording with the XF100/105
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