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CMS-XML Proof of Purchase Guidance
Email a scanned copy of your proof of purchase to the following locations: FAX Number : (800) 231-9243
CMS-XML How to use an EX series Speedlite with the GL2.
The bounce flash on the 420EX and 550EX Speedlites cannot be used with the GL2. The 420EX/550EX/580EX' s multiple Speedlite control and the Speedlite Transmitter ST-E2 cannot be used with the GL2. In dark recording situations, during autofocus, a assist light may be sent out by the Speedlite to illuminate the subject while you hold the camcorder' s PHOTO button halfway down.
CMS-XML Using an external flash for still images with the XL H1 series camcorder
Using the Flash The camcorder does not support the ST-E2 Wireless Speedlite Flash Transmitter or the Wireless Sender/Receiver Control function of the Speedlite 420EX/430EX/550EX/580EX flashes. When recording under very dark conditions, as you keep the PHOTO button pressed halfway the AF assist lamp of the Speedlite flash may light on (if recording with autofocus). The Speedlite flash will not go off when the drive mode is set to Auto Exposure Bracketing.
CMS-XML Procedure for finalizing the DVD on the DC200 series and DC50 DVD camcorders
Playing the Disc on a Computer's DVD Drive - If your DVD playback software does not lunch automatically when inserting a DVD, run the DVD playback software. - Refer also to the instruction manual and help modules of your DVD playback software. To view still images recorded on the disc:
CMS-XML Reacquiring subjects lost during zooming (Framing Assistance)
Reacquiring subjects lost during zooming (Framing Assistance )
CMS-XML Tips to help play back high definition video smoothly
CMS-XML Explanation of the lens adjustments to aid 3D recording with the XF100/105
CMS-XML Using the Focus Assist Functions on the XH A1S and XH G1S
CMS-XML Setting the Peaking (Emphasizing the Outline of Objects) Color, Gain, and Frequency focus assist function
CMS-XML Explanation of the assist Functions (Zebra, Peaking, B&W and Peaking) for the VIXIA HF-S camcorders
Explanation of the assist Functions (Zebra, Peaking, B&W and Peaking) for the VIXIA HF-S camcorders
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