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CMS-XML List of Messages (VIXIA HF R50/R52/R500)
... using the compact power adapter and only then ... ... CLASS 2. Replace the memory card ... ... some space or replace the memory card ... ... the camcorder if power supply was accidentally interrupted ... ... the camcorder if power supply was accidentally interrupted ... Replace the memory card ... ... disconnect the compact power adapter or remove the ... ... the camcorder if power supply was accidentally interrupted ... ... of Messages for Wi-Fi Functions ... manual of your wireless router and other ... ... screen of the Wi-Fi device. Multiple Wi-Fi devices are trying ... ... sure only one Wi-Fi device is trying ...
CMS-XML Connecting to iOS/Android Devices via Wi-Fi and Saving Movies and Photos (Camera Connect)
We recommend using a fully charged battery pack or the supplied compact power adapter when using Wi-Fi functions. When using the camcorder’s Wi-Fi functions, do not cover the top back area of the camcorder (
CMS-XML Operations that can be performed using the NFC [Touch] feature
We recommend inserting a fully charged battery pack or using the supplied compact power adapter when using Wi-Fi functions.
CMS-XML My camcorder will not power on. - HG10
Your compact power adapter is not properly connected to your camcorder. 2. Your compact power adapter or power cord is defective and needs to be replaced . Confirm your compact power adapter is working properly, follow these steps:
CMS-XML Canon VIXIA HF G50 Camcorder Introduction
Seeing is believing, and with the VIXIA HF G50 camcorder, you'll be seeing color and detail more dramatically, more intensely and more realistically. Combining amazing features like 4K with an advanced 20x Optical Zoom lens and more - all within a mobile -friendly design - the VIXIA HF G50 can help give you stunning video quality on the go.
CMS-XML My camcorder's battery will not charge or hold a charge
If the camcorder does not come on with the compact power adapter connected, the compact power adapter is defective. If the camcorder stays on while connected to the compact power adapter , then the battery pack is exhausted and needs to be replaced . If the camcorder turns off by itself regardless of whether the battery pack or compact power adapter is connected, the camcorder requires service.
CMS-XML The battery has worn out and must be replaced.
As the battery ages its capacity will diminish to the point that the device may only function for a short period. To ensure the longest life of a battery it is suggested that the battery be promptly removed from the charger after charging is completed. Leaving the battery loaded into the charger for an extended period may lower the performance of the battery.
CMS-XML Can you use the Compact Power Adapter overseas?
CMS-XML Set [WL.REMOTE] to [ON] in the menu.
Setting [WL.REMOTE] to [ON] in the menu. The wireless controller may not work properly when the remote sensor is situated under strong light sources or direct sunlight. If the wireless controller does not work after setting [WL.REMOTE ] to on please replace the battery.
CMS-XML List of error messages on a HR10 DVD camcorder
List of Messages Try cleaning it or replace the disc. ... Disconnect the power adapter and remove the battery and let the camcorder cool down before resuming use.
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