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CMS-XML Remote Operation Via the Wi-Fi Remote Application
CMS-XML Information regarding firmware version for the VIXIA HF G30, XA20, and XA25
Firmware Version incorporates the following fixes: 1. Fixes a phenomenon in which flicker compensation may be incorrectly applied when shooting, resulting in flicker and horizontal color stripes in the footage. 2. Fixes a phenomenon in which the camera menu will freeze after choosing [Access Point Connection] from the [ Wi-Fi ] menu when Russian is selected in the language menu and the camera is running Firmware Version
CMS-XML Using Wi-Fi to Playback Images and Movies on a Computer
CMS-XML Switching between Displays on the LCD Screen (Shooting/Playback)
If you do not wish shooting information to be displayed on the connected external monitor screen, set the menus [Output Onscreen Displays] to [Off]. For information on how to connect to a external monitor, please see Connecting to an External Monitor to Playback Movies (XA25 / XA20 ) or Connecting to an External Monitor to Playback Movies (VIXIA HF G30 / LEGRIA HF G30)
CMS-XML Can battery packs BP-808D/BP-819D/BP-827D be used with the camcorder?
Solution BP-808D/BP-819D/BP-827D battery packs cannot be used with XA25 / XA20 / VIXIA HF G30 / LEGRIA HF G30. If an incompatible battery pack is attached to XA25 / XA20 / VIXIA HF G30 / LEGRIA HF G30, the following screen will be displayed.
CMS-XML Canon cameras that support GPS
Cameras and GPS acquisition type GP-E2 XA20 GP-E2