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CMS-XML Using the image stabilizer on a DC10 or DC20 DVD camcorder
The image stabilizer helps compensate for camcorder shake even at full telephoto.
CMS-XML The Roxio My DVD for Canon application is supported in the USA/Canada by Sonic Solutions.
North American only Web-Based Support can be found at Phone assistance : 866-279-7694 for US
CMS-XML Ordering parts for your product
Ordering Replacement Parts The hours of operation are 9:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. EST from Monday to Friday. When calling, speak the term "order parts" when the speech routing system asks the reason for your call. You will immediately be routed to the Parts Desk for assistance .
CMS-XML Procedure for copying and editing DVD camcorder movies
The DVD video format is designed for direct playback rather than uploading to a computer for editing. Various third party software applications are available to assist in uploading your videos to your computer's hard drive for playback, but most video editing software packages do not currently have the ability to edit these files.
CMS-XML Procedure for finalizing the DVD on the DC10, DC20, DC40, DC100 and DC22 DVD camcorders
Playing the Disc on a Computer's DVD Drive - If your DVD playback software does not lunch automatically when inserting a DVD, run the DVD playback software. - Refer also to the instruction manual and help modules of your DVD playback software. To view still images recorded on the disc: