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CMS-XML Explanation of the Naming Error message on the FS10, FS11, and FS100
CMS-XML Changing drive letters to make the camcorder available
Removable disk does not appear in Windows Explorer. displayed Add a physical hard disk or CD-ROM drive to your computer the existing drive appears in Windows Explorer, but when you open it the contents of the new drive are displayed After your computer starts, the network drive may be replaced by the new drive. After you disconnect the new drive, the mapped network drive letter has the same logical drive letter that it had before you added the new drive. You may receive the following error message when you start your computer:
CMS-XML Why does a flashing USB symbol appear on my camcorder's LCD
Close down all applications that may be interfering with the connection. Disconnect all USB devices from the computer except the keyboard and mouse, then retry the connection. Check Device Manager to ensure it recognizes the device with no errors or warnings.
CMS-XML Secure Digital (SD) card compatiblity information
Overcoming Compatibility Issues Check to make sure the issue is not with the camera itself by testing the memory card that came with the camera to make sure it is still functioning normally. If it also is causing a Memory Card Error or malfunction it is possible that the camera requires service.