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CMS-XML Where do I download all software associated with my camera?
to find the download section for your model or view the video below. If your product issue was not resolved after following the steps above, or if you require additional help , please create or log in to your Canon Account to see your technical support options.
CMS-XML Cautionary information regarding battery fluid leaks.
Solution Handling precautions: ・During use or charging, carefully remove the battery pack as soon as the problem is discovered.
CMS-XML Note on SDXC Memory Cards
Note on SDXC Memory CardsID : 8200984600 _ EN _ 5 Solution Before using an SDXC memory card, please read through the following information.
CMS-XML System Requirements for the FS200, FS21, and FS22 camcorders
CMS-XML Precautions When Fixing the Camera Using a Tripod
Precautions When Fixing the Camera Using a TripodID : 8200248700 _ EN _ 9 Solution Additionally, you should set the [IS Mode] to [Off] when shooting with a tripod.
CMS-XML Can you use the Compact Power Adapter overseas?
Solution You can use this camcorder overseas. Please refer to the following things when you plan to use it overseas.
CMS-XML Why does a flashing USB symbol appear on my camcorder's LCD
A flashing USB symbol appears on the camcorder's LCD in situations where the computer does not recognize the USB connection. Following some simple troubleshoot steps can quickly pin point the source of the problem and lead to a speedy solution . Follow the steps below:
CMS-XML How do I fit the camcorder to a tripod?
How do I fit the camcorder to a tripod?ID : 8200271000 _ EN _ 5 Solution Using a tripod
CMS-XML Setting the white balance on the FS20, FS21, FS22, and FS200 camcorders
The white balance function helps you to accurately reproduce colors under different lighting conditions so that white objects will always look truly white in your recordings. NOTE
CMS-XML The World's Color and Power Systems (voltages and power outlets)
The World's Color and Power Systems (voltages and power outlets)ID : 8200845500 _ EN _ 9 Solution The voltage, power outlet type, and color system used in each country are indicated below.
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