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CMS-XML Using the Auto Slow Shutter feature with the FS10, FS100, and FS11 camcorders
CMS-XML Using the automatic backlight correction function with the FS20, FS21, FS22, and FS200
CMS-XML A vertical smear appears in the video. Objects seem to be leaning in the video. The video looks stretched or rubbery. Black or dark bands occur in the video during playback.
Problem: A vertical smear appears in the video. Cause: Any bright point of light can potentially cause smear, such as street lights and car headlights or if the camera is shooting footage of a camera flash, or even the sun. Solution:
CMS-XML Difficult subjects for autofocus.
Autofocus can fail to achieve focus (the focus confirmation light <> blinks) with certain subjects such as the following: Subjects in low light. Extremely backlit and reflective subjects ( car with a reflective body, etc.). Overlapping near and far objects (animal in a cage, etc.).
CMS-XML Manually adjusting the exposure with the FS10, FS100, and FS11 camcorders
Manual Exposure Adjustment > and push the joystick ( ) toward [EXP ] again to return the camcorder to automatic exposure.
CMS-XML Using the FS series camcorders with iMovie 08
Using the Canon FS series Camcorders With iMovie 08 iMovie automatically detects the camera, opens the import window, and generates thumbnails for all clips on the hard drive or memory. If the Import menu is set to automatic the only import option available is Import All. If the menu is set to Manual