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CMS-XML The FS and VIXIA HF series camcorders must be set to PC/PRINTER mode to connect to a computer
The FS and VIXIA HF series camcorders must be set to PC /PRINTER mode to connect to a computer
CMS-XML FS11 Kit contents
BP-808 Battery Pack WL-D88 Wireless Controller Lithium Button Battery CR2025 for Wireless Controller
CMS-XML Nomenclature of the FS100 camcorder
FS100 Nomenclature Bottom view Wireless Controller WL-D88
CMS-XML Setting the white balance on the FS20, FS21, FS22, and FS200 camcorders
The white balance function helps you to accurately reproduce colors under different lighting conditions so that white objects will always look truly white in your recordings. NOTE
CMS-XML Where do I download all software associated with my camera?
to find the download section for your model or view the video below. If your product issue was not resolved after following the steps above, or if you require additional help , please create or log in to your Canon Account to see your technical support options.
CMS-XML Secure Digital (SD) card compatiblity information
SD / SDHC Card Compatibility Information. Canon camera and camcorder models have been designed to be fully compatible with memory cards that adhere to their respective card standards. Below is a chart reflecting the standards supported by our current models. To ensure card compatibility with your camera or camcorder model, please contact the memory card manufacturer for further information and assistance in determining card compatibility.
CMS-XML Set [WL.REMOTE] to [ON] in the menu.
Setting [WL.REMOTE] to [ON] in the menu. appears. The wireless controller may not work properly when the remote sensor is situated under strong light sources or direct sunlight. If the wireless controller does not work after setting [WL.REMOTE
CMS-XML How do i get parts for my camcorder?
Items purchased directly from the Parts Ordering Center are not returnable, and there is a chance that they will not correct your issue. Spare parts sold through the Parts Ordering Center do not come with installation or setup instructions. We ask that you allow us to troubleshoot your unit first in order to help diagnose the cause of the issue you are having.
CMS-XML Explanation of the Video Snapshot function included with 2009 camcorder models
software to save them to a PC to edit. For details on how to save and edit data on a PC, please refer to the Instruction Manual for PIXELA ImageMixer 3 SE
CMS-XML Importing recorded video to the computer using Pixela ImageMixer 3SE with the FS22, FS21, and FS200 camcorders
How to Import Recorded Videos to a Computer Connect the camcorder to the computer with the USB cable to start ImageMixer 3. - If the device type selection screen appears, select [ PC /PRINTER ] and press <
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