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CMS-XML Where is the serial number located on the camcorder? - HG-10
CMS-XML Adjusting the focus on a XH A1 or XH G1 camcorder
CMS-XML Charging, Recording, and Playback times for the HV20 camcorder batteries
CMS-XML HV20 kit contents
CMS-XML Copying video from the tape to the memory card with the Elura 100
CMS-XML Updated PowerShot service notice regarding CCD issues
CMS-XML The World's Color and Power Systems (voltages and power outlets)
CMS-XML How do I fit the camcorder to a tripod?
CMS-XML The video camcorder makes a rattling sound when the power is off.
CMS-XML Performing the flangeback (backfocus) adjustment for the 16x Manual lens
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