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CMS-XML Non - US Names for Digital Video Cameras
Non - US Names for Digital Video Cameras US Name Alternate 1 Alternate 2 Elura MV20 PV1 Elura 10 MV4i Elura 100 MVX450 FV M300 Elura 20MC MV4i MC IXY DV2 Elura 2MC MV3 IXY DV Elura 40MC MV5i MC IXY DV3 Elura 50 MV6i MC IXY DV5 Elura 60 MVX200i Elura 70 MVX250i FV M100 Elura 80 MVX
CMS-XML Purpose of the docking unit
What is the purpose of the docking unit? The Elura 2, the Elura 2MC, the Elura 10 , and the Elura 20MC are very small and highly portable units. In order to keep this compact size, the docking unit is a separate device which provides additional connectivity that is not normally needed. The docking unit connects physically and electronically with the Elura camcorder, and provides connections for an external microphone, earphones, S-video, and a LANC terminal (which provides connection to other LANC-compatible devices.)
CMS-XML Compatibility with external microphones (Elura)
Can this digital video camera use external microphones? Yes. Stereo microphones with a plug diameter of 3.5 mm are compatible, and condenser microphones are recommended. The jack for the external microphone is in the DU-300 docking unit for the Elura 2, Elura 2MC, Elura 10 , and Elura 20MC. The jack for the external microphone is in the DU-100 docking unit for the ZR camcorder.