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CMS-XML Try another memory card in the camera and other troubleshooting steps.
On Camera LCD screen displays No Memory Card, Memory Card Error, Unrecognized File Format, Incompatible JPEG, or "?" marks for images when card is inserted in the camera or while attempting to Playback images. If the camera displays Memory card error , No Memory Card, or takes an abnormally long time to write an image to the memory card, when a memory card is inserted or any of the above error messages , make sure that the card is inserted properly. For SD card, make sure that the card lock switch is in the correct position and not stuck in-between. If this is the case, you may wish to Format the memory card in the camera using the Setup Menu option [Format] as shown below.
CMS-XML Installing the Digital Video Software and TWAIN Driver / WIA Driver DVSD version 15/16
Installing the Digital Video Software and TWAIN Driver / WIA Driver Elura 80, Elura 85, and Elura 90 When you have set the WIA Driver to start a particular application program when you connect the camcorder, the program may cause an error message similar to the following to appear: "TWAIN data source not found. Reinstall the scanner software." If this happens, select [WIAcamera model] in the application program as the TWAIN device.
CMS-XML Batteries may need to be recharged or replaced.
Batteries may need to be recharged or replaced if an error persists after battery recharge, or the unit may require a service evaluation. If the battery is currently in the device, and it is not working properly, remove the batteries and wait for 30 seconds and re-insert the batteries. In doing so, if your camera has a back-up or date and time battery, remove this battery as well.
CMS-XML List of messages and their explanations that appear on Optura 50 and Optura 60
Memory Card Related Messages NO IMAGES No images are recorded on the memory card. CARD ERROR A memory card error occurred. The camcorder cannot record or play back the image.