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CMS-XML The World's Color and Power Systems (voltages and power outlets)
CMS-XML How do I fit the camcorder to a tripod?
CMS-XML All Canon chargers are international voltage, only an adapter to change the plug style is necessary.
CMS-XML DV port on computer is not functioning correctly. Try connecting to another port and/or another known good computer.
CMS-XML Computers IEEE-1394 ports are not functioning correctly. Refer to computer mfgr.
CMS-XML The battery has worn out and must be replaced.
CMS-XML Condensation warning indicator for ZR series camcorders
CMS-XML Explanation of the erasure prevention switch on MiniDV/HDV tapes
CMS-XML The USB connection is for downloading still images from the memory card only.
CMS-XML Recommended actions to take when the " REMOVE THE CASSETTE " message appears on a MiniDV camcorder
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