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CMS-XML The World's Color and Power Systems (voltages and power outlets)
CMS-XML How do I fit the camcorder to a tripod?
CMS-XML Compatible operating systems for use with Canon digital video cameras
CMS-XML ImageBrowser EX Does not Operate Correctly / Uninstalling and Reinstalling ImageBrowser EX (Windows XP)
CMS-XML Explanation of the image stabilization icon (white hand)
CMS-XML Non - US Names for Digital Video Cameras
CMS-XML All Canon chargers are international voltage, only an adapter to change the plug style is necessary.
CMS-XML Playing back video on a Television screen Optura 400 and Optura 500
CMS-XML How to turn off the image stabilizer Optura 400 and Optura 500
CMS-XML Charging the battery pack for an Optura 400 and Optura 500 camcorder
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