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CMS-XML How to combine divided clips using MP4 Join Tool (Windows)
Make sure to save clips recorded with this camcorder to a computer. To do so, you will need a card reader connected to a computer or a computer with an SD card slot. For details on transferring files from the SD card, refer to the computer’ s instruction manual or OS’ s help modules.
CMS-XML How to use an EX series Speedlite with the GL2.
The bounce flash on the 420EX and 550EX Speedlites cannot be used with the GL2. The 420EX/550EX/580EX' s multiple Speedlite control and the Speedlite Transmitter ST-E2 cannot be used with the GL2. In dark recording situations, during autofocus, a assist light may be sent out by the Speedlite to illuminate the subject while you hold the camcorder' s PHOTO button halfway down.
PDF Troubleshooting
The card is partitioned. -The card was initialized using a camcorder with a different firmware version.Tobeabletorecordonthecard,save the recordings it contains and then initialize it using this camcorder. SD Card ASD Card B / SD Card B SD Card A S witched - The camcorder switched to recording on the other card after you pressed the SLOT SELECT button or automatically duetorelayrecording.
CMS-XML Setting the Microphone (XA40 / XA45)
When one of the audio channels is set to the INPUT terminals and the corresponding sensitivity selection switch is set to MIC or MIC+48 V , you can select the external microphone’ s sensitivity. 1. Set the POWER switch to CAMERA. 2. Press the MENU button.
CMS-XML Setting the Microphone (XF705)
Microphone Sensitivity (INPUT Terminals) If you selected [INPUT Terminals] as the audio input for an audio channel, one of the INPUT switches is set to ANALOG, and the corresponding ANALOG switch is set to MIC or MIC+48 V , you can select the external microphone’ s sensitivity. 1. Press and hold the button on the POWER switch and set the switch to ON.
CMS-XML Fixing ZoomBrowser EX "corrupted database" or "E_Fail error" message for EOS D30, EOS D60, PowerShot A10, A100, A20, A200, A40, G1, G2, Pro 901 S , S110, S200, S30, S300, S330, S40, ZR45mc, ZR50mc, and GL2
CMS-XML Reset the camcorders settings to the factory defaults (XH A1/S and XH G1/S)
Reset the camcorders settings to the factory defaults (XH A1/ S and XH G1/ S )
CMS-XML How to connect the GL2 to a television.
For higher picture quality, we recommend playing back recordings on a TV with an S (S1) terminal. If you connect the camcorder to a TV with an S1 terminal or the Video ID-1 system, recordings made in the 16:9 mode for wide screen TVs will be automatically played back in wide screen mode on the TV screen. See your TV or VCR instruction manual for further details.
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CMS-XML Connecting the XL series camcorders to a television
TVs with S (S1)-Video Input Terminal
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