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CMS-XML How to connect the GL2 to a PC using a DV cable.
CMS-XML Explanation of the lens adjustments to aid 3D recording with the XF100/105
CMS-XML Using the Focus Assist Functions on the XH A1S and XH G1S
CMS-XML Setting the Peaking (Emphasizing the Outline of Objects) Color, Gain, and Frequency focus assist function
CMS-XML Troubleshooting XF705
Please See The Attached Document for Further Assistance
CMS-XML Switching Shooting Modes (XC15)
This camcorder offers various shooting modes to help bring your creative intent to life. After you select a mode, you can adjust related settings, such as the shutter speed, using the control dial. You can also use the FUNC.
CMS-XML How to use clear scan on the GL2.
You can use the Clear Scan function to record PC screens or other screens without black bands caused by differences in the field frequencies of screens. Set the recording program to Tv or MANUAL. Pull the EXP dial down until CS appears in the display.
CMS-XML Entering Slate Information About the Recording in Metadata XF705
Entering Slate Information About the Recording You can enter scene and take information to help identify the recording later on. 1 Select [Scene] or [Take].
CMS-XML How to connect the GL2 to the computer with a USB cable.
You can download still images from a memory card to a PC connected to the camcorder via the USB interface. By using the supplied software, you can organize, store and print out still images. When printing still images, you can add titles and frames to them.
CMS-XML Downloading Pixela Data Import Utility
The Pixela Data Import Utility application is used to assist in the transfer of video from select Canon camcorders or card readers to a computer. To download the application please visit the following website.
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