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CMS-XML Transferring Files to an FTP Server
You can touch [Stop] and then [ X ] to stop the wireless transfer while it is in progress. However, depending on when you stop the operation, some files will be transferred.
CMS-XML Explanation of the lens adjustments to aid 3D recording with the XF100/105
Making optical shift adjustments - Four directional icons appear on the screen. Use the joystick or wireless controller to adjust the picture. If the picture cannot be adjusted anymore in a particular direction, the corresponding directional icon will turn gray.
CMS-XML Remote Operation Via the Wi-Fi Remote Application
... Operation Via the Wi-Fi Remote ApplicationID : ... ... camcorder remotely via Wi-Fi Remote, a ... devices compatible with Wi-Fi networks*2 ... The Wi-Fi Remote application lets ... For Wi-Fi functions that require ... ... Using an unprotected Wi-Fi network can expose ... Using the Wi-Fi functions outdoors while ... ... down bring [ Wi-Fi ] into the ... ... : Touch [ Wi-Fi Remote ]. ... device: Activate Wi-Fi in the settings ... ... displayed in step 4. 5 -3. ...
CMS-XML Nomenclature of the XL H1A and XL H1S camcorders
Top View WL-D5000 Wireless Controller ... button 13 . ZERO SET MEMORY ... X 2
PDF Troubleshooting
... refer to the help modules or online ... Precautions Regarding Wi-Fi Networks ... When using a Wi-Fi network, try ... Positioning a network device (access point, mobile device, etc.) - When using a Wi-Fi network indoors, place the network device in the same room as the camcorder. ... Nearby electronic devices - If the transmission rate over a Wi-Fi network drops because of interference from the following electronic devices, switching to the 5 GHz band or to a different channel may solve the problem.
CMS-XML Using an external flash for still images with the XL H1 series camcorder
Using the Flash The camcorder does not support the Bounce Flash function or the Wireless Multiple Flash System function of the Speedlite 420EX/430EX/550EX/580EX flashes. The camcorder does not support the ST-E2 Wireless Speedlite Flash Transmitter or the Wireless Sender/Receiver Control function of the Speedlite 420EX/430EX/550EX/580EX flashes. When recording under very dark conditions, as you keep the PHOTO button pressed halfway the AF assist lamp of the Speedlite flash may light on (if recording with autofocus).
CMS-XML Recording Via the Browser Remote Application on Your Smartphone (XA35 / XA30)
... , adjust [ Wi-Fi ] to the ... ... camcorder using the Wi-Fi connection. ... 1. Activate Wi-Fi in the settings ... ... displayed in step 4. 5 -3. ... ... : About the Wi-Fi antenna (built ... ... using the camcorder's Wi-Fi functions, do not cover the Wi-Fi antenna with your ... ... may interfere with wireless signals. While using Wi-Fi functions other than ... ... camcorder, the Wi-Fi functions are not ... ... of the camcorder's Wi-Fi standard are as ... Wi-Fi protocol, operating ... Wi-Fi is a registered trademark of Wi-Fi Alliance.
CMS-XML Information regarding firmware version for the VIXIA HF G30, XA20, and XA25
... from the [ Wi-Fi ] menu when ... ... selected and a Wi-Fi access point is ... ... occur if a Wi-Fi access point has ... ... Final Cut Pro X Version 10. ... - Final Cut Pro X Version 10.0.9 displays frame number as: 00-59 ... - Final Cut Pro X Version 10.0.9 displays frame number as: 00-49
CMS-XML Browser Remote: Controlling the Camcorder from a Network Device XF705 Part 1
... the camcorder via Wi-Fi , you can ... ... , perform steps 4-5 to enter the ... If you selected [Two Users (Camera/Meta)], perform steps 4-5 twice, once for the [Camera] user and again for the [Meta] user. ... Select the camcorder’s SSID (network name) in the device's Wi-Fi settings. ... • Depending on the network used and the strength of the Wi-Fi signal, you may notice delays in the refreshing of the live view image and other settings.
PDF [ l!j Monitoring Setup} menu
... , [HOR Assist (800% ... ,[HOR Assist . [ ~ Assistance Functions) menu (16Mbl)S/3840 X 216059.94P), (9 Mbps/3840 X 216059.94Pj, (16 Mbps/3840 X 216029.97P ... MIJl)s/1920 X 108059.94P), (4 Mbps/1920 X 108059.94P), [9 MIJl)s/1920 X 108029.97P), (4 Mbps/1920 X 108029.97 ...
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