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CMS-XML Can I shoot while the compact power adapter (AC adapter) is connected?
CMS-XML CameraAccess plus System Requirements (XC10)
CMS-XML What kind of application is Canon XF Utility for XF-AVC? (XC10)
CMS-XML Adjusting the Mic. Level (XC10)
CMS-XML What to do when the [Some clips require data recovery.] message is displayed on the screen. (XC10)
CMS-XML Browser Remote: Controlling the Camcorder from the Web Browser of a Network Device and Recording (XC10)
CMS-XML Using Wi-Fi to Playback Photos on a Computer (XC10)
CMS-XML Canon XF Plugin 64 for Avid Media Access 3.0 Compatibility limitations
PDF 制限事項について Jp
CMS-XML Image quality (Recording mode) and recording time (XC10)
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