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CMS-XML Video Output Signals by Terminal (XC15)
Solution The video signal output from the HDMI OUT terminal depends on the clip’ s video configuration and the capability of the external monitor. Recording Video Signal Configuration and Video Output Configuration
CMS-XML Types of recording modes and changing the recording modes (XC15)
Before you record, select the resolution (4K or HD), system frequency, frame rate and bit rate that best match your project’ s needs. Available frame rate and bit rate options will depend on the resolution and system frequency selected.
CMS-XML Can I shoot video while the camcorder is connected to an external monitor? (XC15)
: HDMI OUT terminal : HTC-100/ S High Speed HDMI Cable (supplied) IMPORTANT
CMS-XML Supplied Accessories and Optional Accessories (XC15)
Shoulder Strap IFC-300PCU/ S USB Cable HTC-100/S High Speed HDMI Cable
CMS-XML Battery pack charging time (XC15)
). 3. Connect the AC adapter to the camcorder’ s DC IN terminal ( ).
CMS-XML Using Wi-Fi to Playback Photos on a Computer (XC15)
The instructions in this chapter assume you already have a correctly configured and working network, network device( s ) and/or Wi-Fi access point. If necessary, refer to the documentation provided with the network devices you want to use.
CMS-XML Making Settings for Slow & Fast Motion Recording (XC15)
During slow & fast motion recording mode, the time code’ s running mode can be set to [Rec Run] or [Regen.] and the time code advances by the number of frames recorded. If the time code’s running mode is set to [Free Run], the running mode will switch to [Rec Run] during slow & fast motion recording mode. When slow & fast motion recording mode is deactivated, the running mode will return to its previous setting.
CMS-XML Attaching the MA-400 Microphone Adapter and Connecting an External Microphone (XC15)
Follow the procedure below to attach a microphone (refer also to the following illustration). To connect an external device to the camcorder, plug the device’ s cable into the desired INPUT terminal (
CMS-XML Cautionary Notes on Connecting the Camcorder to another Device via a USB Cable (XC15)
Make sure to use the USB cable included with your camcorder (IFC-300PCU/ S ).
CMS-XML Using Looks (Settings that affect the image) (XC15)
Creates a picture with a natural gradation in tones and reduces overexposure in bright areas by not compressing highlights. When playing back a clip recorded with this setting, we recommend increasing the monitor’ s overall brightness.
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