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CMS-XML Canon XF705: From Prep to Post, Ep 3: Advancing Forward - A Look at the Technology Driving the XF705
The XF705 includes Dual Pixel Autofocus combined with touchscreen technology. In this video we look at the modes that aid in on-the-go production work: Face Detection, Tracking, and Push AF.
CMS-XML Troubleshooting XF705
Please See The Attached Document for Further Assistance
CMS-XML Entering Slate Information About the Recording in Metadata XF705
Entering Slate Information About the Recording You can enter scene and take information to help identify the recording later on. 1 Select [Scene] or [Take].
CMS-XML Onscreen Markers and Zebra Patterns XF705
Using onscreen markers allows you to make sure your subject is correctly framed and is within the appropriate safe area. The zebra patterns help you identify areas that are overexposed. The onscreen markers and zebra pattern will not affect your recordings.
CMS-XML Adjusting the Focus XF705
Turn the focus ring on the lens to adjust the focus. The camcorder offers several focus assistance functions to help you focus more accurately when using the manual focus.
CMS-XML Preparing the Camcorder for First Use XF705
Attach the lens hood to protect the lens and reduce the amount of stray light that may hit the lens. Additionally, keeping the lens barrier closed can help avoid fingerprints and dirt on the lens.
CMS-XML Face Detection XF705
You can use face detection with one of the autofocus functions to let the camcorder focus on the main subject automatically (Face AF). You can also combine face detection with the Dual Pixel Focus Guide functionto help you focus on the main subject manually.
CMS-XML Connecting to an External Monitor XF705
The digital signal that is output from the SDI terminal includes the video signal, audio signal (up to 4 channels), time code signal and the recording command signal. When using the SDI terminal, you can output various assistance displays (onscreen displays, markers, etc.) in order to check them also on an external monitor. 1 Select [SDI/HDMI Max Res.].
PDF [ l!j Monitoring Setup} menu
[Wide DR : BT.709], [HOR Assist (800%)],[HOR Assist . (400%)], [Off] [Normal1 : BT.709], [Normal2 : BT.709], [Normal3: BT.709),[Normal4: BT.709],
CMS-XML Adjusting the Focus Magnification XF705
or setting to switch the camcorder's image to black & white while using the respective assistance function. - The assistance functions will not affect your recordings.
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