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CMS-XML Playing back or recording to a VCR
How do I playback/record to a VCR? The DV Camcorder is supplied with an S -Video cable and a Stereo Video cable. Refer to the "System Diagram" and to the appropriate sections in your manual to determine which cable to use. This will depend on the connectors available on your VCR.
CMS-XML Charging, Recording, and Playback times with the CA-920 adapter for the XL series camcorders.
Charging, Recording and Playback Times Below times are approximate and vary according to the charging, recording or playback conditions. Times are calculated based on testing with a XL H1 operating in HDV mode. XL H1 (SD mode) and XL1( s )/XL2 times will be somewhat longer.
CMS-XML Connecting Canon digital video camera to a TV/VCR
How do I hook up my Canon digital video camera to a TV/VCR? Your digital video camera was shipped with an STV-150, STV-250, or STV-250N Stereo Video cable for playing back your video recordings to your TV/VCR. If your TV/VCR is equipped with an S -Video port, you may also use the optional