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CMS-XML Connecting the XL series camcorders to a television
TVs with S (S1)-Video Input Terminal
CMS-XML MiniDV/HDV tape recording times
HDV/DV recording in SP mode is recorded at a data rate of 25mbps (approx 3.5MB/ s ). This data rate equals approx. 13GB/hr.
CMS-XML Using EF lenses with the XL H1A or XL H1S
Setting the camcorder to HD mode will cause the camcorder to display the error [HD Incompatible Lens]. EF- S lenses cannot be used. The angle of view is equivalent to that of lenses that are approximately 7.2x (16:9) (35mm film equivalent) the specified focal length printed on the lens barrel.
CMS-XML Recording in 16:9 mode with the XL H1 series camcorder
Recording in 16:9 Mode If you play back a 16:9 recording on a normal TV, the image appears horizontally squeezed. If you connect the camcorder to a TV with an S (S1) terminal or Video ID-1 system, recordings made in the 16:9 mode will be automatically played back in widescreen mode. The aspect ratio does not change when you operate the <MODE SELECT>
CMS-XML Using Standby and VCR Stop modes with the XL H1 series camcorder
Power Save Function (VCR Stop mode) ) after 3 minutes in record pause mode. If left 2 more minutes without any operation, the camcorder will automatically shut off. However, you can activate or deactivate the camcorder' s automatic shut-off with the [POWER SAVE
CMS-XML Approximate number of images that can be stored on the memory card with the XL H1S or XL H1A
350 kB S 640 x 480 SF
CMS-XML XL H1A camcorder specifications
System HDV and SD SP: 0.74 ips (18.81 mm/ s ), SD only LP: 0.49 ips (12.56 mm/s) Maximum Recording Time
CMS-XML Procedure for changing updated XL/XH camcorders from NTSC to PAL mode.
A modification can be performed to the XL-H1(also "a " and " s " models), XH-G1(s
CMS-XML Shooting still images with the XL H1 series camcorder
Number of still images that can be recorded on a memory card 360kB S 640 x 480
CMS-XML Selecting a recording mode (signal standard) on the XL H1 series camcorder.
Changing the Aspect Ratio (SD mode only) TV sets equipped with the ID-1 System: Recording made with a 16:9 aspect ratio will automatically be played in widescreen mode whether you connect the camcorder to the TV using the S (S1-) VIDEO terminal or the VIDEO terminal. When recording in 4:3, you can attach the optional RC-72 Ratio Converter (0.8x) to achieve the same angle of view of the 16:9 aspect ratio.
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