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CMS-XML How do I remove all onscreen displays and icons from the XA40 and XA45?
CMS-XML Introducing the Canon XA45 & XA40 4K UHD Professional Camcorders
CMS-XML List of Messages
CMS-XML Setting the Microphone (XA40 / XA45)
CMS-XML Checking a memory card’s available space or used space
CMS-XML How to combine divided clips using MP4 Join Tool (macOS)
CMS-XML Connecting an external microphone (XA40 / XA45)
CMS-XML How the CHG (charge) indicator lights up while the battery is charging and what it means if the indicator is blinking
CMS-XML What memory cards have been verified to work with the camcorder?
CMS-XML Supplied Accessories (XA40 / XA45)
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