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CMS-XML Precautions About Using Battery Packs in Low Temperatures
In cases like this, you may be able to restore the battery performance by warming the battery pack up in a pocket, etc. right before usage. Please make sure that the battery contacts do not touch any metal object( s ) (such as keys) in storage or transportation, as the battery pack may become short-circuited. CAUTION
CMS-XML Making Settings for Slow & Fast Motion Recording (XF305/XF300)
Push the joystick up/down or turn the <SELECT> dial to select the desired submenu, and then press <SET> button. 2-1. Select [Other Functions] -> [Slow & Fast Motion] -> [ S &F Frame Rate] in that order. 2-2. Select the desired shooting frame rate and then press <SET> button.
CMS-XML Video Output Signals by Terminal (XF305/XF300)
1080/24P 1080/ S &F Frame Rate 1080/60i 480/60i(*5) 1080/60i 480/60P 1080/60i 480/60i 480/60i 720/60P 720/30P