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CMS-XML How to install the Canon Digital Video Solution software on Macintosh
How do I install the Canon Digital Video Solution software on Macintosh? 1. Close any programs that are running. 2. Place the Canon Digital Video Solution Disk in the computer' s CD-ROM drive. 3. Double-click the CD-ROM
CMS-XML Fixing ZoomBrowser EX "corrupted database" or "E_Fail error" message for EOS D30, EOS D60, PowerShot A10, A100, A20, A200, A40, G1, G2, Pro 901S, S110, S200, S30, S300, S330, S40, ZR45mc, ZR50mc, and GL2
ZoomBrowser EX is giving a ?corrupted database? or ?E_Fail? error message. How can I fix this? This database can be "corrupted" if the photos in the Image Library do not match the index of the database. This can happen if photos are added to or removed from the Image Library folder by means other than the ZoomBrowser EX program (for example, by using Windows Explorer to move the image files). Often, ZoomBrowser EX recognizes this and makes recommendations to repair the index.
CMS-XML How to connect the GL2 to a television.
For higher picture quality, we recommend playing back recordings on a TV with an S (S1) terminal. If you connect the camcorder to a TV with an S1 terminal or the Video ID-1 system, recordings made in the 16:9 mode for wide screen TVs will be automatically played back in wide screen mode on the TV screen. See your TV or VCR instruction manual for further details.
CMS-XML How to use an EX series Speedlite with the GL2.
For SLR-style flash photography, attach a Canon EX series Speedlite to the camcorder' s accessory shoe. Refer also to the Speedlite instruction manual. Attaching the Speedlite
CMS-XML Playing back or recording to a VCR
How do I playback/record to a VCR? The DV Camcorder is supplied with an S -Video cable and a Stereo Video cable. Refer to the "System Diagram" and to the appropriate sections in your manual to determine which cable to use. This will depend on the connectors available on your VCR.
CMS-XML MiniDV/HDV tape recording times
HDV/DV recording in SP mode is recorded at a data rate of 25mbps (approx 3.5MB/ s ). This data rate equals approx. 13GB/hr.
CMS-XML How to select the built in microphone recording mode on the GL2.
VOICE: When recording a person' s voice. W. SCREEN:
CMS-XML How to digitally output analog audio and video signals (Analog-Digital converter) on the GL2.
Connecting the camcorder to your VCR or 8 mm video camera allows conversion of recorded analog video and audio signals to digital signals in an instant. The digital signals can be output to the other equipment with a DV terminal. The camcorder' s DV terminal works exclusively as an output terminal.
CMS-XML Installing the DVC Storage Driver in Macintosh
How do I install the DVC Storage Driver in Macintosh? 1. Connect the camcorder to an AC outlet. 2. Attach the supplied USB cable to the computer' s USB port and the camcorder' s USB terminal. 3. Set the camcorder to Card Play (VCR) mode.
CMS-XML How to use the MA-300 on the GL2.
Attaching the Microphone Adapter to the Camcorder Turn the camcorder off before attaching/detaching the microphone adapter. Slide the microphone adapter straight onto the camcorder' s accessory shoe.
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