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CMS-XML Name of components and information displayed on the screen (PowerShot SX500 IS)
Shutter button (Framing Assist Seek)button Strap mount
CMS-XML Adjusting focus on the EOS C500 Mark II
Focus Manual focus: Turn the focus ring on the lens to adjust the focus. The camera offers several focus assistance functions to help you focus more accurately when using the manual focus.
CMS-XML Using face detection on the EOS C500 Mark II
Face Detection You can use face detection with one of the autofocus functions to let the camera focus on the main subject automatically (Face AF). You can also combine face detection with the focus guide to help you focus on the main subject manually.
CMS-XML What are the error messages that appear on the LCD monitor? (PowerShot SX500 IS)
Formatting a Memory Card If the same error message is displayed even when you have inserted a formatted memory card facing the correct way, contact a Canon Customer Support Help Desk.
CMS-XML Setting Continuous Shooting mode PowerShot SD500, SD550 and SD900.
Continuous Shooting ] and [Stitch Assist ].
CMS-XML Procedure for setting the flash modes PowerShot SD500 and SD550
Using the Flash My Colors Stitch Assist O
CMS-XML Techniques for shooting with the zoom (on the telephoto end) (PowerShot ELPH 520 HS / IXUS 500 HS)
), [Handheld NightScene] ( ), [Stitch Assist ] ( ), [Low light] (
CMS-XML Procedure for connecting the camera to a TV set PowerShot SD500 / SD550
Viewing Images on a TV Set A TV set cannot be used in [Stitch Assist ] mode.
CMS-XML Specifications for PowerShot S500
PowerShot S500 Specifications Shooting Modes Auto / manual / stitch assist / movie
CMS-XML Images are blurry or not in focus (PowerShot SX500 IS / SX160 IS)
Set the [AF- assist Beam] to [On].
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