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CMS-XML Specifications of the EOS 10D.
... .7 mm x 15.1 ... ... megapixels (3088 x 2056) ... megapixels (3152 x 2068) 2.4 MB (3072 x 2048 pixels) ... 1.2 MB (3072 x 2048 pixels) ... 1.3 MB (2048 x 1360 pixels) ... 0.7 MB (2048 x 1360 pixels) ... 0.8 MB (1536 x 1024 pixels) ... 0.4 MB (1536 x 1024 pixels) (7) RAW (3072 x 2048 pixels) ... 6.7 MB ... 0.88 x (-1 diopter with 50mm lens at infinity) ... AF- assist beam
CMS-XML Specifications for PowerShot SD990 IS.
PowerShot SD990 IS Specifications Flash Range 50 cm - 4.6 m (1.6 - 15 ft.) (W), 50 cm - 2.4 m (1. 6 - 7 .9 ft.) (T) (When sensitivity is set to AUTO.) ... Digital Macro, Color Accent, Color Swap, Stitch Assist . *2 Standard, Compact, Color Accent, Color Swap, Stitch Assist
The tonal gradation still retains a generous 6.7 T-stops below the 18% reference gray level. ... The information supplied here should aid in the design of a conversion to Cineon or alternatives. ... This information will aid the design of conversion from Canon-Log to linear or other spaces.
CMS-XML Printing a Single Image on a Single Page (ZoomBrowser EX 6.x)
To select multiple images, click the images while holding down the 3. Click [Print & Email] (appears as [Print & Share] in ZoomBrowser EX 6.7 or later). 4. Click [Photo Print].
CMS-XML WiFi Setup Videos - PowerShot G7X Mark II
This article contains links to videos that will assist you in setting up your PowerShot G7 X Mark II on a wireless network.
CMS-XML Using GPS Information (Map Utility 1.0 / Mac OS X)
In this section, Mac OS X (v10.6) and [ImageBrowser 6.7 ] are used as examples to explain the operations. Depending on the Mac OS X version or software version, the on-screen displays and procedures may differ slightly.
CMS-XML How to use mirror lockup on the EOS Digital Rebel XS.
Although remote control shooting can prevent camera shake, using mirror lockup to prevent camera vibrations can also help when you use a super telephoto lens or shoot close ups. Mirror lockup is enabled by accessing [Custom Functions (C.Fn)] and setting [Mirror lockup] to [1:Enable].
CMS-XML Using the Viewfinder on the PowerShot G5 X Mark II
Viewfinder Using the viewfinder helps you concentrate on keeping subjects in focus.
CMS-XML Displaying the Electronic Level When Shooting (EOS-1D X)
Solution You can display electronic level in the viewfinder and on the LCD monitor to help correct camera tilt. CAUTION
CMS-XML Using the cable protector and optional Canon interface cable on the EOS 1D X Mark III.
When connecting an interface cable, also use the included cable protector. Using the cable protector helps prevent accidental disconnection and terminal damage.
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