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Viewing the LCD monitor with Canon Log active The viewfinder and LCD monitor image when Canon Log Gamma is used will appear very flat and somewhat dark. The EOS C 300 offers View Assist , to approximate how the scene would appear with a normal gamma applied.
CMS-XML Understanding the EOS C300's Canon Log Gamma
To enable View Assist in the menu, choose LCD/VF Setup > View Assist > On/Off Note: The View Assist function is only visible on the C 300's LCD screen and viewfinder. This helps ensure that the preview images output to the LCD screen and viewfinder don't affect the images recorded onto CF cards or to images output through the HD-SDI port.
CMS-XML Manual Focus on the EOS C700 models
Manual Focus In order to focus more accurately, you can use the following focus assistance functions: Dual Pixel Focus Guide ( C 700 C700 FF
CMS-XML How to set and use the Custom Function Settings "C.Fn" on the 430EX II Speedlite
Custom Function Settings C.Fn-02-113: Convenient when you want to use the depth-of-field preview button to check the depth of field. C .Fn-08: If the Speedlite or camera's AF- assist beam is disabled, the AF- assist beam will not be emitted.
CMS-XML Displaying Onscreen Markers, Zebra Patterns and False Color with EOS C700 models
Using onscreen markers allows you to make sure your subject is correctly framed and is within the appropriate safe area. The zebra patterns help you identify areas that are overexposed. The false color display allows you to check if the exposure is correct.
CMS-XML Highlights of the EOS C300/C300 PL
The Canon HD Camcorder EOS C300/C300 PL has been designed to meet the demanding needs and highest expectations of industry professionals. The following are just some of the many features that will help turn your creative vision into reality.
CMS-XML Adjusting the Focus on EOS C700 models
Adjusting the Focus Manual focus: Turn the focus ring on the lens to adjust the focus. The camera offers several focus assistance functions to help you focus more accurately when using the manual focus.
CMS-XML Using the Waveform Monitor on an EOS C700 model
Displaying the Waveform Monitor [ Assist . Functions]
CMS-XML Face Detection AF on the EOS C700 and EOS C700 FF
The camera will keep tracking the main subject even when it moves. You can use face detection with one of the autofocus functions to let the camera focus on the main subject automatically (Face AF). You can also combine face detection with the focus guide to help you focus on the main subject manually.
CMS-XML Changing the AF Frame Size and Position on the EOS C700 and EOS C700 FF
C700 C700 FF Changing the AF Frame Size and Position​ [Selectable]: You can move the AF frame using the joystick or SELECT dial on the optional viewfinder or by pressing ALT [F. ASSIST .] FRAME] and then pressing [
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