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CMS-XML How to use the AF-Assist Beam and what is its coverage on the 430EX II Speedlite
Under low-light or low-contrast conditions , the built-in AF-assist beam will be emitted automatically to make it easier to autofocus. The 430EX II's AF- assist beam is compatible with the AF points of almost all EOS cameras. The AF-assist beam is compatible with 28mm and longer lenses.
CMS-XML Enabling the AF-Assist beam on the EOS M50 Mark II.
Enabling the AF- Assist beam on the EOS M50 Mark II .
CMS-XML WiFi Setup Videos - PowerShot G7X Mark II
This article contains links to videos that will assist you in setting up your PowerShot G7X Mark II on a wireless network.
CMS-XML EOS M50 Mark II: Creative Assist
Creative Assist
CMS-XML A+ Assist Features on the EOS R50
A+: Assist Features Creative Assist Creative Bracketing Advanced
CMS-XML Display the electronic level - EOS 7D Mark II
Learn how you can display the electronic level on the camera to help compose a shot.
CMS-XML Learn to read a histogram - EOS 7D Mark II
Learn how to read a histogram to help ensure you have the right composition and exposure settings.
CMS-XML Displaying the Grid in the Viewfinder (EOS 6D Mark II)
Solution You can display a grid in the viewfinder to help you check the camera tilt or compose the shot. 1. Set the camera's power switch to <ON>.
CMS-XML How to set and use mirror lockup on the EOS 5D Mk II
Although using the self-timer or Remote Switch can prevent camera shake, using mirror lockup to prevent camera vibrations can also help when you use a super telephoto lens or shoot close ups. When [
CMS-XML How to use Movie Auto level on the EOS M50 Mark II.
Movie Auto Level Auto leveling helps keep movies straight during recording. Caution
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