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CMS-XML Countries and Regions Permitting Wireless Communication Function Use
CMS-XML Function Difference Between Mobile App and PC (browser) Version
CMS-XML Wireless Speedlight Syncing Issues
CMS-XML EOS R3 : Wi-Fi Connections with a Computer Using EOS Utility
CMS-XML EOS R3 : Connecting to a Wireless Remote Control
CMS-XML EOS R3: Airplane Mode
Airplane Mode You can temporarily disable Wi-Fi functions.
CMS-XML EOS R3: Communication Functions
Communication Functions This chapter describes how communication functions are used to connect the camera to a smartphone or computer over Wi-Fi or a wired LAN and send images, control the camera remotely, or perform other operations. Caution
CMS-XML EOS R3: Camera Connect Communication from Smartphones
Camera Connect Communication from Smartphones Connecting to a Bluetooth-compatible Smartphone via Wi-Fi Camera Connect Functions Canceling the Pairing
CMS-XML EOS R3: Importing Images to a Computer
Importing Images to a Computer Connecting to a Computer with an Interface Cable Using a Card Reader Connecting to a Computer via Wi-Fi
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