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CMS-XML Error Codes
CMS-XML List of Error Messages
List of Error Message
CMS-XML Error messages appear on the LCD monitor. (EOS-1D X)
CMS-XML System Status Display
“Err **” is an error message . For the error messages, see below
CMS-XML Onscreen Displays on the HOME Screen of EOS C700 models
Onscreen Displays on the HOME Screen Temperature warning. The INFO icon appears when there is an important notice or error message in the INFO [LIVE] screen.
CMS-XML Correct diffraction errors with Digital Lens Optimizer in Digital Photo Professional Ver.4.x
Learn how to use the Digital Lens Optimizer feature in Digital Photo Professional version 4.x which allows you to use lens data to correct diffraction errors in your images.
CMS-XML Recovering clips on the EOS C500 Mark II
Some actions, such as suddently turning off the camera or removing the card while data is being recorded, can cause data errors in the resorded clip. In MEDIA mode, you may be able to recover clips with corrupted data using the following procedure.
CMS-XML Recovering Data on the CF Card
Some actions, such as suddenly turning off the camcorder or removing the CF card while data is being recorded, can cause data errors on the CF card. In such case, you may be able to recover the data on the CF card.
CMS-XML Displaying the Electronic Level When Shooting (EOS-1D X)
Even when the tilt is corrected, there may be a margin of error of ±1°. If the camera is very tilted, the electronic level's margin of error will be bigger.
CMS-XML Adjusting the Black Balance
The automatic black balance procedure will start. 4 When the confirmation message appears, press SET If the body cap is not correctly attached, [ Error
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