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This level of sensitivity also offers creative flexibilities in setting NDfilters,lens aperture, and electronic shuttering – for controlling depth of field – overarangeof lowlightsituations. Attheotherextreme, the ISO 100 setting can support control of the depth of field in very bright illuminace with the aid of the extended ND filters in the camera [7]. The excellent Luma signal to noise ratio of 67dB (up to ISO 1600) ensures superbly quiet imagery
The discussions in the White Paper (Deep Dive Part 1 ) centered about the all -important linear representation of the camera video. Now that video must be further “prepped” in a manner that can help ensure that the extensive dynamic range created by the imaging system will be fully protected while being recorded – and also as it is transported over industry standardized interfaces. This is the primary role of the camera’s Optoelectronic Transfer Function (OETF).
... scene, and protecting against optical artifacts ... This combines with an associated camera image sensor having the requisite exposure latitude, a high bit-depth A/D conversion system, and a camera OETF that protects the integrity of that latitude within the associated digital recording system [6]. ... Wide color gamut also starts with the spectral response of the lens, followed by that of the Color Filter Array (CFA) and the image sensor, the optical IR filter , and followed in turn by the necessary linear matricing of the RGB primaries.
CMS-XML Troubleshooting
Adjusting the black balance may help solve the problem. ... The built-in ND filter is stuck and does not change.
CMS-XML Custom Picture Settings
Protecting Custom Picture Files Protecting a custom picture file prevents its settings from being accidentally changed. 1 After selecting a file, open the [ Protect ] submenu. [ Protect ] 2 Select [ Protect ] and then press SET. ... To remove protection settings, select [Unprotect] instead. ... You may find that embedding custom picture settings in a recording helps you keep track of them, such as verifying what settings were used for a particular recording.
This provides an additional degree of protection when dealing with extreme highlights – which can prove especially useful if light meters are not accurately calibrated. ... The information supplied here should aid in the design of a conversion to Cineon or alternatives. ... This information will aid the design of conversion from Canon-Log to linear or other spaces.
CMS-XML Available Custom Picture Settings
Adjusts the level of the noise reduction filter . ... the view assistance function to display an image that approximates the one that would be obtained using a
CMS-XML The camera LCD screen is black while outside.
The LCD Screen may appear black or blank if viewed while wearing "polarized" sunglasses. Polarizing lenses work by filtering out horizontal light that causes glare. This can also cut the light being shown thru the LCD of the camera.
� It� achieves� this� by� using� a� 16:9� sampling� lattice� within� a� single� 35 mm � full� frame� image� sensor� (that� utilizes� a� Bayer� color� filter � array)� –� which� supports� a� very� large� photosite.� � This, � in� turn, � provides� a� large� number� of� el ectrons� released� by� the� photoconversion� process.�
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